CREAT Signed The Strategic Agreement With Jiangxi Zhongchang Electric Power Development Company


On the 4th July, 2017, Creative Distribution Automation Co.,Ltd (after canlled CREAT) signed strategic agreement with Jiangxi Zhongchang Electric Power Development Company (after called Zhongchang Power) at the 3rd floor of Zhongchang Power headoffice in Nanchang City of Jiangxi Province. The general manager of CREAT Energy Management Company Mr. Li Junjie and technology director Mr, Yuan Qincheng attended the meeting and signed the agreement.

CREAT hope to cooperate with Zhongchang Power in new energy business base on the advantages of energy general application, micro energy network platform, power quality and energy storage from CREAT and the rich experience and source in power equipment installation from Zhongchang Power.

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